All About Concrete

Concrete Driveway

Are you thinking of pouring concrete in your driveways? If yes then you are in right place. Let’s discuss concrete driveways, their pros & cons. We will answer all your questions like how to repair a concrete driveway, what’s the cost of a concrete driveway its durability, and much more. Driveways usually have to bear …

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete : Patio | Walkway | Driveway In historical time Stamped concrete was typically restricted to a mason scoring a flagstone-like plan freehand, or inserting sticks, leaves and even espresso jars into the surface to accomplish an ideal impact. Today, the main edge of concrete is an interaction called design stamping.This measure includes “stepping” …

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Rebar sizes

Rebar Sizes in the US

Rebar or Reinforced bar are strong steel bars used in Concrete. It is designed to held and sustained the pressure that is put on concrete. Concrete is solid under pressure, however has feeble rigidity. Rebar Sizes in the US differ according to the type of work. Rebar fundamentally expands the elasticity of the construction. Rebar’s …

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