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Our flooring calculator helps you determine square footage, factor in waste, and get a head start on budgeting for your new floors.

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Are you seeking a way that could assist you in estimating the material needed for flooring? If yes, you are on the right page. 

Here, the flooring calculator has been developed and proposed for you to do flooring estimates for the material required to cover a space. You can add up the wastage percent to get calculations in your hands and purchase material accordingly.

With that, this flooring calculator also performs cost maths to let you know how much you must pay to purchase your flooring.

How to Estimate Flooring?

Generally, floor estimates are done considering the area in square footage. This is because it makes the calculations much simple and straightforward. 

Measure Dimension & Calculate Area:

  • Measure the length and width of the room (or area) in terms of feet

Note: Always consider the measurements from the biggest side as it will help to avoid shortage later on.

Next, Estimate Flooring Material You Need:

To estimate flooring material:

  • Multiply room dimensions to get square footage
  • Consider and add at least a 10 % wastage percentage that will help you to replace the broken units. You can also use the above flooring estimator to know your flooring requirements as per the custom dimensions and wastage. In case you have a tile flooring, then considering a 20 % wastage would be a good option

Floor Area Formulas:

Your room can have many obstacles like almirah, chairs, sofas, etc. This is where you need to take measurements in inches and then convert them to feet. However, every complicated room area is a collection of smaller areas of different shapes, which include:


Square feet = Length * Width

Rectangular Border:

Square feet = (Outer Length - (2 * Border Width)) * (Outer Width - (2 * Border Width))


Square Footage = πr^2


π = 22/7 = 3.14159265359 approx.


S = ½ (a+b+c)

Square Footage = s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)

Flooring Cost Estimations:

The best way to estimate flooring costs is the flooring cost calculator. However, if your goal comes up with the manual calculations. Read on!

  • Determine the price per square foot
  • Multiply it with the total square footage of the room or area

This cost does not include the wastage until or unless you consider it for your project. If you have any additional stuff to be used in the flooring job, you need to calculate it separately. After that, add the flooring and additional costs to get an overall estimate of the purchase price.

Average Flooring Cost Table:

Size by Square Feet Average Cost
500 $3,000 to $11,500
1,000 $6,000 to $23,000
1,500 $9,000 to $34,500
2,000 $12,000 to $46,000
2,500 $15,000 to $57.500
3,000 $18,000 to $69,000

Table Source: architecturaldigest


Suppose you have to floor a rectangular room 10 feet in length and 56 feet in width. Considering a wastage of 10% and a price per square footage of $4, we have:

Step # 01: Area of Room

Square Footage = Length * Width

Square Footage = 10 feet * 56 feet

Square Footage = 560 ft^2

Step # 02: Consider Wastage Material

As we have to account for 10% wastage;

Wastage Square Feet = 560 * 10%

Wastage Square Feet = 560 * 10/100

Wastage Square Feet = 560 * 0.1

Wastage Square Feet = 56

Step # 03: Calculate Overall Area

Flooring area = Room Area + Wastage Area Estimation

Flooring area = 560 ft^2 + 56 ft^2

Flooring area = 616 ft^2

Step # 04: Estimating Cost of Flooring

As given, the cost per square footage is $4. So we have:

Total Cost = Price per Square Footage * Total Area

Total Cost = $4 * 616 ft^2

Total Cost = $2,464

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How Do You Calculate Tiles?

To calculate the tiles needed to cover an area, divide the square footage by the area of one tile. For better estimation, you can use another tile calculator that helps you know the exact amount of tile needed, based on measurements and wastage ratio.