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Use this sand calculator to calculate how much sand you need and cost required o purchase it.

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How Do I Calculate How Much Sand I Need?

The formula to calculate the amount of sand needed for the construction project are

Length x Width = Square Footage.

Square Footage x Depth (in feet) = Cubic Footage.

Cubic Footage / 27 = Cubic Yards.

Cubic Yards x 1.35 = Amount of Tons Needed (in this instance, a cubic yard is equal to about 1.35 tons of sand.)

Area Length x Area Width = Square Footage.

Conversion for Sand Calculations

The conversions for how much is sand needed for the contraction project

  • length (feet) × width (feet) × height (feet) = cubic feet.
  • length (inches) × width (inches) × height (inches) ÷ 1728 = cubic feet.
  • length (yards) × width (yards) × height (yards) × 27 = cubic feet.
  • length (cm) × width (cm) × height (cm) ÷ 28316.846 = cubic feet.

This sand calculator accurately determines the volume of sand in the specified units, ensuring precise measurements for your project needs.

Sand Volume Calculations 

To volume of sand needed for based on the shape of the area.

Rectangles Volume = Length × Width × Depth

Circular Volume = π × (Radius)^2 × Depth


Let's suppose you have a rectangular garden bed with dimensions 10 feet by 5 feet and want to add a layer of sand 2 inches deep in the garden. 


Length of the garden bed = 10 feet

Width of the garden bed = 5 feet

Depth of sand layer = 2 inches


From inches to feet:

1 inch = 1/12 feet

Depth of sand layer in feet = 2 inches * (1/12 feet/inch) 

Depth of sand layer in feet = 2/12 feet 

Depth of sand layer in feet = 1/6 feet


Volume = Length × Width × Depth

Substituting the values:

Volume of sand in Cubic Feet = 10 feet × 5 feet × (1/6 feet) = 50/6 cubic feet


The volume of sand in Cubic Feet = 8.33 cubic feet of sand.

For precise measurements of sand volume in your preferred units, utilize this sand calculator by entering the relevant values.

Why Calculate Amount of Sand Needed?

The quantity of sand is needed to calculate for a construction project. Project managers do know how much sand do I need to manage the construction cost and wastage. Sand is usually used to fill the ill gaps between aggregates and bind with cement and water. Sand avoids the air pockets in the concrete and provides stability to cement. Our sand calculator calculates the precise quantity of sand for the maximum strength of concrete

Reasons for Calculating the Sand

There are various reasons to know how much sand do i need for my pool or a construction sight.

The important reasons are

  • Avoid waste
  • Stability to Construction
  • To manage Construction Cost
  • Just in Time Completion 

Try to calculate the amount of sand needed by sand calculator to avoid overbilling and reducing the wastage of construction material.

Sand Calculation Table 

How much sand weighs for different volumes of sand is given in the table below:

Dimensions (feet/meters) Depth (inches/cm) Volume (cubic feet/meters) Weight (Kg)
10' x 10' (3m x 3m) 1" (2.54cm) 8.33 cu ft (0.24 cu m) 366.205 KG
15' x 20' (4.6m x 6.1m) 2" (5.08cm) 41.67 cu ft (1.18 cu m) 2283.494 KG
25' x 30' (7.6m x 9.1m) 3" (7.62cm) 312.5 cu ft (8.84 cu m) Varies by density
12' x 8' (3.7m x 2.4m) 4" (10.16cm) 32 cu ft (0.91 cu m) Varies by density
20' x 15' (6.1m x 4.6m) 6" (15.24cm) 125 cu ft (3.54 cu m) Varies by density


How Much Sand is 100 CFT?

The 100 cubic feet is equal to 1 unit of sand. 

It is written as

 “ 1 unit sand= 100 CFT”

How Many CFTs are Equal to 1 Ton?

1 ton of sand is equal to 40 cubic feet of CFT

1 ton (40 cubic feet) = 1.133 cubic meters. 1 cubic meter = 0.883 cubic tons (35.32 cubic feet)