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The brick calculator calculates the number of bricks and mortar required to prepare a given area of the wall based on the wall length, height, and thickness.

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Use the brick calculator to estimate the quantity of bricks, mortar, and other materials required to construct a wall.

With the help of this online tool, you can also calculate the cost of bricks and other materials.

How to Calculate How Many Bricks Do I Need?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to calculate the number of bricks:

  • Find the area of the wall

\(Wall\,Area = Wall\,Length \times Wall\,Height\)

  • Calculate the area of one brick

\(Brick\,Area = Brick\,Length \times Brick\,Height\)

  • Determine the mortar joint
  • Now find the number of bricks

\(Number\,of\,bricks= {Wall\,Area \over (Brick\,Length + Mortar\,Joint) \times (Brick\,Height + Mortar\,Joint)} + Waste\,(\%)\)

  • Calculate the total cost of the bricks  

\(Cost = Number\,of\,Bricks \times Price\,Per\,Brick\)

To Find The Materials For Your Mortar:

  • Determine the value of dry volume 

Dry Volume = Wet Volume + 52% of Wet Volume + Mortar Wastage

  • Find the cement volume 

Cement Volume = Dry Volume x Cement Ratio / Total of Ratio

  • Calculate the cement weight 

Weight of Cement = Cement Volume x Density of Cement

  • Find the cement bags

Cement Bags = Weight of Cement / Bag Size

  • Determine the sand volume 

The Volume of Sand = Dry Volume x Sand Ratio / Total Ratio

Instead of performing this long calculation, simply use this brick calculator wall and find the number of bricks as well as the cost in seconds. 


Suppose You want to construct a single wall with the following specifications:

  • Length: 30 feet
  • Height: 10 feet
  • Width: 9 inches

The brick you plan to use has the following specifications:

  • Length: 9 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Width: 2 inches

You're accounting for 5% waste. The mortar joint thickness will be 10 inches.

For your mortar mix, you're using a 1:4 ratio, and you've factored in 5% waste.

The bag size for the mortar is 20 units, and the cost per bag is $20.

The price per brick is $10.

The cost of sand per unit volume is $30.


Calculate the Wall Area:

Wall Area = Length (30 feet) x Height (10 feet) = 300 sqr ft

Brick Area = Length (9 inches) x Height (3 inches) = 27 sqr in

Convert wall area to square inches:

WAll Area = 300 x 144 = 43,200 inches

Calculate the Number of Bricks:

\(Number\,of\,bricks= {Wall\,Area \over (Brick\,Length + Mortar\,Joint) \times (Brick\,Height + Mortar\,Joint)} + Waste\,(\%)\)

\(Number\,of\,bricks = {43,200\over (9 + 0.393701) \times (3 + 0.393701)} + 5\,\%\)

\(Number\,of\,bricks = {43,200\over (9.393701) \times (3.393701)} + 5\,\%\)

\(Number of Bricks = {43,200\over (9.393701) \times (3.393701)} + 5\,\%\)

\(Number of Bricks = 1355. 50 + 67.77 = 1423. 27\)

\(Number of bricks = 1355\)

\(Number of Bricks with wastage  = 1423\)

If You Want To See The Required Mortar:

Dry Volume = Wet Volume + 52% of Wet Volume + Mortar Wastage

Dry Volume = 1 + 54/100 + 5%

Dry Volume = 1.59 = 1.6 round off

Motar Ratios = 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6

Cement volume = Dry Volume x Cement Ratio / Total of Ratio

Cement Volume = 1.59 x 1/ 5 = 0.318 m^3

Weight of cement = Cement Volume x Density of Cement

Weight of Cement = 0.318 x 1440 = 445.2 kg

Cement Bags = Weight of Cement / Bag Size

Cement bags = 445.2 / 20 = 22.26 = 23 round off = 23 bags

The Volume of Sand = Dry Volume x Sand Ratio / Total Ratio

The Volume of Sand = 1.59 x 4/ 5 = 1.272 m^3

Cost of Bricks = Number of Bricks with wastage x Cost Per Brick 

Cost of bricks = 1423 x 10 = $14230

If this calculation seems difficult, then you can use brick mortar calculator and quickly calculate the number of bricks and bags of mortar required for the construction of a wall. 

How Does Our Brick Calculator Work?

Our brick estimator is loaded with simple UI that lets you enter the require values and get results without any human assistance. Let’s see how it works!

What Do You Need To Enter?

  • Type of Wall: Choose the type of wall as single or double
  • Dimension of Wall: Add the length, width, and height of the wall in the preferred units
  • Brick Details: Choose the type of brick, provide the waste percentage and mortar joint thickness
  • Mortar Details (Optional): If you want to get the estimated material that you will need for the construction of the wall then choose yes and add the values of wet volume, mortar wastage, mortar ratio, and bag size. 
  • Cost Details: Add the price per brick, the price of cement, and the price of sand per volume. 

This is What You Will Get!

  • Total Bricks Needed (with wastage): The total number of bricks that you will need for the wall
  • Bricks Needed: Number of Bricks
  • Estimated Material: The volume of other materials for your project
  • Estimated Material Cost: The cost of bricks, mortar, and the total cost

With the help of this brick wall calculator, you can easily estimate the number of bricks, as well as the amount of mortar and other materials, needed for the construction of a wall.

This way, you get a rough idea of what you'll need and how much you will have to pay for it.

Benefits of Using Brick Calculator For Wall:

Using a brick wall cost calculator offers various benefits, some of which are:

  • Provides the precise estimation for the number of bricks
  • Saves your time and efforts
  • Helps to reduce the waste of material
  • Enables you to make informed decisions

Brick Dimensions:

In the following table, we have provided the brick sizes and types and you can also see how many brick per square foot.

Brick Style Size (D x H x W) Weight Coverage
Inches Millimeters Pounds Kilograms Bricks per Ft² Bricks per M²
Modular 3 5⁄8” x 2 1⁄4” x 7 5⁄8“ 92mm x 57mm x 194mm 4.2 lbs 1.9 kg 7 73
Queen 3 1⁄8” x 2 3⁄4” x 7 5⁄8“ 79mm x 70mm x 194mm 4.1 lbs 1.86 kg 6 73
Closure 3 5⁄8” x 3 5⁄8” x 7 5⁄8“ 92mm x 92mm x 194mm 6.8 lbs 3.1 kg 4.5 48
Standard 3 5⁄8” x 2 1⁄4” x 8″ 92mm x 57mm x 203mm 4.5 lbs 2 kg 6.5 70
Jumbo Standard 3 5⁄8” x 2 3⁄4” x 8″ 92mm x 70mm x 203mm 5.9 lbs 2.7 kg 6 61
King 2 3⁄4” x 2 5⁄8” x 9 5⁄8“ 79mm x 70mm x 244mm 5.6 lbs 2.5 kg 4.5 49
Roman 3 5⁄8” x 1 5⁄8” x 11 5⁄8“ 92mm x 41mm x 295mm 4.7 lbs 2.1 kg 6 64
Norman 3 5⁄8” x 2 1⁄4” x 11 5⁄8“ 92mm x 57mm x 295mm 6.4 lbs 2.9 kg 4.5 49
Utility 3 5⁄8” x 3 5⁄8” x 11 5⁄8“ 92mm x 92mm x 295mm 10.2 lbs 4.6 kg 3 32


How Many Bricks In A Square Foot?

There are 6.55 bricks in 1 sqft.

How much cement do I need for 1000 bricks?

You will need to have 120 kg (263 lbs) of cement. For the precise calculation of bricks and mortar, use an online brick wall cost calculator. 

How Many Bricks Equal One Block?

Four bricks are equal to one block. 

What is Bricks Masonry Calculation?

It refers to the building material that is used to construct the walls, pillars, and other elements, etc.

References: Number of bricks per square foot

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