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How Much Mulch Do I Need?

To know how many bags of mulch in a yard are required, you can use the formula:

Cubic Yard of Mulch =Square Footage x Desired Depth / 324

Mulch Volume (in cubic yards) = [(Length (ft) × Width (ft) × Depth (ft))/27

One cubic yard of mulch covers around an area of 324 square feet of 1 inch of depth.

It is better to add 5-10% extra mulch for the miscalcations or wastage. 

Mulch For Irregular Shape 

For the irregular shape, break down the area into regular shapes to calculate how many bags of mulch in a cubic yard are required precisely.

  • Two inches: Mostly for Aesthetic
  • Four inches: Maximizes Protection
  • Three inches: A Happy Medium

Too much mulch can maintain enough moisture to invite decay near your plants.

Mulch Examples

Let's say a garden bed is 10 feet long and 5 feet wide, and apply mulch at a depth of 3 inches. Then calculate how many cubic feet in a yard of mulch is required.


Total Mulch Needed (in cubic yards) = (Length (in feet) × Width (in feet) × Depth (in inches)) / 324

Our mulch calculator utilizes the above formula that also helps you estimate mulch volume if calculated manually.

Total Mulch Needed = (10 ft × 5 ft × 3 in) / 27

Cubic yard of mulch ≈ 0.46cubic yards

Mulch Needed= 12.5 cubic feet (cu ft)

Mulch Needed = 0.35 cubic meters (m3)

Mulch Needed = 353.95 liters

Garden size = 50 sq. ft

No of bales needed = 1.28 sq. ft

Mulch Coverage Table

Desired depth Sq.ft coverage Approx coverage
1 inch 324 sq. ft 18' × 18'
2 inches 162 sq. ft 13' × 13'
3 inches 108 sq. ft 11' × 10'
4 inches 81 sq. ft 9' × 9'

Mulch Coverage Per Bag:

For smooth calculations, we have compiled a detailed chart for standard US mulch bag sizes, considering various depths ranging from 1 to 4 inches. This data is a reliable source for estimating the quantity of mulch required for your landscaping project. 

Additionally, we will guide you through a meticulous process of measuring and calculating the precise amount of mulch needed for the area. Ensuring the optimal mulch coverage for your landscaping effort by mulch calculator.

How Many Bags of Mulch in a Cubic Yard For 100 Liter?

Desired depth Coverage per bag
1 inch 36 sq.ft
2 inches 18 sq.ft
3 inches 12 sq.ft
4 inches 9 sq.ft