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Planning to build a patio? Use the paver calculator to determine the number of pavers needed to complete your patio or driveway project. You can choose from different paver shapes including single rectangles, multiple rectangles, and circles based on your preferences.

Moreover, this paver estimator also provides an estimated cost for your project, offering insights before you start shopping for materials.

How To Calculate How Many Pavers Do I Need?

To calculate the pavers needed for a project, follow these steps:
Step #1: Measures The Area: 
Multiply the dimensions to calculate the patio area in total square footage or square meters. 
Step #2: Determine The Paver Size:
Choose the size of the paver that you will use for your project. 
Step #3: Calculate Paver Area:
Measure the area of the paver by multiplying the length by the width.
Step #4: Determine Paver Quantity:
To calculate the pavers needed for a project, divide the total area by the area of the paver.

\(\ Number\ of\ Pavers =\dfrac{Patio\ Area}{Paver\ Area}\)

For quick and precise calculations, consider using the patio paver calculator. It not only figures out how much material you need but also gives you an idea of the costs involved. 


Suppose you are planning to pave a rectangular patio measuring 10 feet in length and 8 feet in width using square pavers, having 2 feet in length and 1 foot in width. How many pavers do you need, and what is the total area of the patio? Additionally, calculate the cost of the pavers, priced at $5 per piece. 


Measure Patio Area:

Length = 10 ft
Width = 8 ft
Total Area of The Patio = 10 x 8 = 80 sq ft

Measure Paver Area:

Length = 2 ft
Width = 1 ft
Paver Area = 2 x 1 = 2 sq ft

Number of Pavers Needed:
Using pavers formula:

\(\ Number\ of\ Pavers =\dfrac{Patio\ Area}{Paver\ Area}\)
\(\ Number\ of\ Pavers =\dfrac{80}{2} =\ 40\ pavers\)

Cost of Pavers:
One paver price = $5
Total Paver Cost = One piece cost x Number of Pavers
Total Paver Cost = $5 x 40 = $200

Verify the accuracy of your calculations, by using the paver cost calculator and see exactly how many pavers you will need for the completion of the project.

What Is The Most Popular Paver Pattern?

Here we have outlined some popular paver patterns:

Running Bond: The bond pattern is a common paver pattern that can also be created with square bricks
Stacked Bond: This pattern is not common, but it is good to make this pattern if you are doing your paving yourself
Herringbone: The pavers are arranged in a 45-degree or 90-degree angle so that a zigzag or "V" pattern can be created
Basketweave: A pair of two pavers is created and set in a way that it provides a woven or basket weave pattern
Circular Pattern: The pavers are arranged in the form of a circle

Common Paver Sizes:

The size of the smaller pavers is 0.2 square feet, while the medium-sized ones cover 1 square foot per unit and the larger pavers occupy about 1.7 square feet per unit.

Size (in) Size (cm) Area (ft²) Area (cm²)
4 × 8 10 × 20 0.22 200
6 × 6 15 × 15 0.25 225
6 × 9 15 × 23 0.38 245
8 × 8 20 × 20 0.44 400
12 × 12 30 × 30 1.00 900
14 × 14 36 × 36 1.36 1296
12 × 18 30 × 46 1.50 1380

People Also Ask:

What Types of Pavers Are Available?

There are many types of pavers available. Here are some common types of pavers:

  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Cement Pavers
  • Clay Pavers
  • Porcelain

For more details, visit

Are Pavers Cheaper Than Concrete?

The Paving stones are more expensive than concrete but they justify the difference because they are easy to maintain, cheaper to repair, and have a longer lifespan. Paving stones contributes significantly to the value of your home. 

How Long Do Pavers Last As a Patio?

Pavers that are made of of clay, concrete, natural stone, or even porcelain can last 20 to 25 years. If well maintained, concrete pavers can last up to 50 years.

How Many Paver Bricks In A Square Foot?

A paver having dimensions of 12 inches by 12 inches is equal to one square foot. In this case, you will need one paver brick for one square foot.

Brick Size T (thickness) H (height) L (length) Brick per Square Foot
in mm in mm in mm
Standard 3 5/8 92 2 1/4 57 8 203 6.55
Roman 3 5/8 92 1 5/8 41 11 5/8 295 6
Queen 3 76 2 3/4 70 7 5/8 194 5.76


Do 45-Degree And 90-Degree Patterns Require The Same Amount of Pavers?

No, The area and the size of the pavers can be the same but a 45-degree pattern requires a greater quantity of pavers as compared to a 90-degree pattern.