Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete floors are mandatory modern day luxyry thing. These days polished concrete flooring solutions are available in wide varieties of finishes.In old days it was used in industriesfactory floor but right now they are quiet comfortably accepted in modern luxury homes. Polished floor is not only sleek and stylish but it also gives advantage of rough n tough use with low maintenance. With the modern day technologies high end grinding equipment contractors grind a rough old floor to shiny concrete floor.

Styles & Design Options for Polished Concrete Floor

As per the tecnology advances various designs and styles are brought up in market by concrete contractors.With the use of latest fined diamond grinding tool desired flooring can be made. Its upon you whether you want matt look or highly glossy floor. Today in designs there are many options like coloring pattern, creating lines, grids , borders and desired designs. Lets check some common variants of Polished concrete floors.

Stained Polish Concrete

Staining gives an extravagant wealth that can’t be accomplished by some other shading medium. Maybe than produce a strong, misty impact like paint, stains penetrate the concrete to implant it with glowing, clear tones that fluctuate contingent upon the surface they are applied to and the application methods utilized. The outcomes can imitate everything from polished marble to tanned calfskin to regular stone or even finished wood. It’s the most popular polished concrete floors.

Stains for concrete come in two general classes: corrosive based substance stains and water-based acrylics. The two kinds of stain can be applied to new or old and plain or vitally hued concrete. They are particularly powerful for renewing dull, dreary surfaces. Since they enter the concrete surface, most stains have astounding UV security and wear obstruction, allowing their utilization on inside or outside concrete.

Scoring and Pattern Polish

In polished concrete floors Engraving, scoring, cutting, stenciling are just a few of the ways that polished concrete can be customized in addition to coloring. An incredible alternative for both new and old sections, scoring is a simple method to add profundity and surface to a generally clean canvas. Scored concrete provisions a progression of forests that have been sliced into the concrete to make a particular pattern or plan. It is not quite the same as stamped concrete in that surface isn’t granted onto the outer layer of the piece.

Scoring, otherwise called sawcutting, should be possible both inside and out to accomplish an assortment of improving impacts. Prior to pushing forward with a scoring project, guarantee that your concrete is basically strong and has an unblemished surface. In case there are unattractive breaks or spots where the concrete is chipping or chipping away an enhancing concrete overlay might be the better arrangement.

Cream Polished Concrete

A cream polished concrete floor is a floor where the outer layer of another concrete pour is polished. All in all, we skirt the ‘cutting’ venture, so there is no concrete expulsion from the floor’s surface. Along these lines, the normal varieties from the concrete pour will be noticeable, making a natural, variegated, or marble-like appearance. Of the various sorts of polished concrete, this is by a wide margin the most well-known establishment for new private development.

The positive points of cream polished concrete floor is its fast install time. Its the lowest priced polished option available. But the negative point is that it can be applied only on new concrete pours not on old ones.

Polished Concrete Overlays

To meet the demand for an aesthetically pleasing solution for polishing imperfect polished concrete floors, more and more contractors are now installing polished overlays as an economical alternative.
Without any difficulty of support and delightful serious shine finish, polished concrete floors are turning into the new geniuses of the beautifying flooring world, particularly in high-profile retail and business settings. Albeit most existing concrete pieces can be polished, some have significant blemishes, for example, spalled regions, cover tack openings and broad interwoven, which would in any case appear through in the wake of polishing. Also, as far as improving choices, existing polished floors are restricted to the utilization of effective shading.

Salt & Pepper Polished Concrete

A salt and pepper completed floor is one in which the outer layer of the concrete is daintily ground, uncovering the littlest total in the concrete blend. While this completion is periodically utilized in new private development, it is very far reaching in business or modern applications. In private redesigns, cream polished concrete isn’t an alternative, so a salt and pepper finish is generally indicated.

Aggregate Exposed Polishing

An aggregate exposed polished concrete floor is one in which the outer layer of the concrete is vigorously ground, reliably uncovering the biggest aggregate in a concrete blend. Because of its terrazzo-like appearance, this polished concrete completion is generally determined in extravagance private ventures. In spite of the fact that it’s feasible to crush any concrete chunk to an enormous aggregate openness, not all pieces will be stylishly satisfying when gotten done with this strategy. Hence, tests are suggested for all huge aggregate ventures.


Benefits of Polished Concrete Floor

If you are in search of you need a low maintenance, stone-style appearance then, at that point polished concrete could be great. It can make a comparable look to extravagance materials like granite and marble, while conceivably getting a good deal on the robust value tag.Homeowners, retailers, large box stores, instructive and clinical offices are picking polished concrete for their floor finish as a result of the upper hand polished flooring offers over different sorts of floor covers. Embellishing concrete as polished floors has turned into the sensible decision as a result of the incredible worth it conveys, and on the grounds that it can contend tastefully too.

  • Cost saving
  • Long Life
  • Easy to clean
  • Low Maintenance
  • More resistant
  • Available in wide designs and styles
  • Light reflector


Concrete Polish Flooring Cost

Concrete polishing depends on many variables like the desired shine level, area, existing flooring, design pattern, and complexity of the project. It depends on your area, material availability and contractor. But on an average it costs between $4 to $10 per square feet.

If you are looking for basic polishing with one layer and color . It will cost you around $4 per square feet. But if you look for 2 colors with glossier finish it can shoot upto $7 per square feet. And at last if you are looking for complex designs with multiple patterns, colors it will cost you above $10 per square feet according to complexity.

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